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Your Ultimate Guide To Leaving Dubai in 2020

They say “All good things must come to an end”. Regardless of your circumstances, preparing to leave Dubai is hectic; with several loose ends to tie spanning your professional and family life.

So what does leaving Dubai involve? Where do you start?

The secret to leaving Dubai is to identify and prioritise the tasks you are faced with and make certain everything you need to accomplish is progressing smoothly and concurrently. This is important because certain goals are often intertwined with related tasks being fully completed? So if you want to avoid being bounced around read on for your Ultimate Guide for leaving Dubai.

Let’s start by taking a look at home life.

Leaving School

How to move kids out of school in Dubai?

It is a good idea to notify the school of your move with as much advanced warning as possible. The school will provide a ‘student leaving certificate’ which will officially recognise the length of time your child has participated at the school. This will be very important when it comes to enrolment at the new school at destination.

It is also important to provide the school with a reasonable timeframe to oversee any refunds which you may be entitled to should the child be removed from the school mid-term, which, in some cases, may qualify for partial reimbursement of prepaid tuition fees.

Cancelling Bank Account

How do I close down a bank account in the UAE?

Clearing debt before you leave the UAE is very important, and the implications of not clearing debt is widely recognised. Something that is not discussed to the same degree is the importance of cancelling your UAE Bank account.

Unless you do this, accumulating bank charge fees, albeit small amounts, may result in potential problems should you visit or even the GCC region in future.

Guidelines change from bank to bank, but the following suggestions are probably a good rule of thumb.

  • The most important thing is to clear any debt related to the account, this would include a mortgage, overdraft, credit cards or a car loan. This takes time, and so you need to start this at least a couple of weeks, or preferably 1 month, before you are due to leave the country.

  • Once this is completed, visit the teller and physically withdraw the remaining funds from your account(s).

  • Advise the teller that you wish to complete a bank account closure form. As always - make sure your original passport and Emirates ID is on your person.

  • Ask the bank to issue a clearance letter stating the account has been closed. Keep this document safe. It is possible your employer may require this as part of your final settlement.

  • Calculate the amount of cash you will require for the remaining duration of your stay in the country and then add 50% just to take care of any contingencies.

  • If you want to be absolutely certain you have not inadvertently overlooked any financial loose ends, you can check with the police that there are no outstanding issues related to debt which have remained unresolved.