Moving from Dubai during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is like nothing most of us have experienced before. One aspect which is virtually unprecedented is the length of time this hazardous virus has had such a grip on so many aspects of our life, but of course, certain areas of life must carry on and one example is moving house.

Moving from Dubai during COVID-19 is certainly possible, however, like most things during these unprecedented times a different approach needs to be applied to ensure everything proceeds safely for you, your family and the movers charged with helping you move from Dubai.

At a time when people are being urged to isolate, it is important to understand what arrangements you need to make and what Movers are doing to keep you safe whilst you are moving from Dubai during COVID-19.

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Are moving services considered an essential service?

In a word - Yes. Moving companies take the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. Companies in the UAE have introduced protocols in line with government directives and apply company policy to protect their customers and their employees alike.

What Are Moving Companies Doing Differently?

  • Following strict social distancing practices
  • Regular sanitising of equipment and vehicles
  • Some movers perform virtual pre-move surveys in preference of in-house
  • Keeping hand sanitiser close at hand
  • Use of masks and gloves.
Moving from Dubai during Covid 1

Prior to the Move

What preparations can you make prior to the packers arriving?

  • If you want to organise and pre-pack personal items, (avoid using used cartons)
  • Get packing materials - boxes, paper, tape from your movers in advance of the packing date 
  • Anything you pack try to complete it and leave the boxes to one side at least 24- hours prior to the arrival of the packers. 
  • Wipe down and sanitize doors, work surfaces and frequently touched areas.
  • If you are over 60, see if a friend would be willing to oversee the moving day(s) on your behalf
  • If any of your family members fall ill, advise the moving company

Carefully select your mover & don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Ensure you discuss any special arrangements or pre-requisites with the moving companies you obtain a quotation from as this should be part of your decision-making process.

Consider a Virtual Survey

Some movers might be in a position to offer a virtual survey. This is becoming easier with iChat, Zoom and Skype etc. You can wander through your home with your mobile device highlighting the items you intend to move, whilst a surveyor makes notes from the video stream you provide.

Book your moving dates early

If anything the moving schedule is becoming busier than ever and this is expected to continue throughout 2021 and even into 2022. Moving from Dubai during Covid-19 is expected to be very busy so, get your move dates settled and try to avoid moving dates unless it is completely unavoidable. If you do need to change/postpone dates, try to provide as much notice as possible.

Let's Start

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On Moving Day

It's Moving Day - What do you need to do?

  • Meet the packers at the door with a smile, avoid shaking hands
  • Maintain a distance of 6 ft (2 meters) from the packers
  • Wander around your property and establish who is working in a particular room/area of your home
  • Avoid touching any of the boxes or participating in the move
  • Ask Movers to wash their hands before starting work
  • Establish a designated bathroom for the packers to utilise

Greeting the packers

Welcome the packers into your home, there is no need for a formal handshake, the packers are familiar with the current situation so do not worry about this being misconstrued as being inconsiderate or rude.

Moving from Dubai during Covid

Keep a six-foot distance

As mentioned when moving from Dubai during Covid-19 it is important that everyone observers the socially distanced 6 ft space, this should include anyone in the house, family members, packers, but also any third parties which may arrive at your home during packing, landlord, estate agent, maintenance, cleaners etc...

Cleanliness and sanitation

The packers are likely to have sanitised uniforms, materials and equipment, they should also have sanitiser gel and wipes, however, it is a good idea to have some hand sanitiser available. It is also highly advisable to have one designated bathroom which you identify to the packers.

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After Packing is complete

Upon completion of packing

  • Ensure all packing materials are removed from your residence at the end of the move
  • Disinfect all surfaces, door handles and frequently touched areas

Don’t leave materials and do not dispose of them yourself.

Once the packing is completed, walk through your home and make sure all packing materials and debris is removed from the house, by the packers, this generally part of the standard procedure but it’s particularly relevant when moving from Dubai during Covid. You should not be expected to touch or dispose of these items - leave it to the packers.

Disinfecting your home

If necessary (it may be part of your rental contract) disinfect the home - particularly work surfaces, doors, closets and areas which are frequently touched. You may want to outsource this to a professional cleaning company.

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