How to dispose of your unwanted items

So, you have made some brave decisions by applying some of the suggestions we made in the previous article. Your next job is to find the best methods of how to dispose of your unwanted items (which you have already identified as being excluded from your international move). You have some options.

How to dispose of your unwanted items

Option 1 – Selling online (Main points to consider)

Selling stuff online is convenient however unless you intend to sell hot items at low prices, it may take time. Time planning in relation to the moving day(s) is an important consideration. If your items don’t sell in time then you will be left with no option but to include them in the move which defeats the whole object.

A little preparation goes a long way. Cleaning thoroughly and minor repairs to enhance the look of the items will help in expediting the sale.

Quality photos of the products (including close-ups of problem areas), ensures you create the best chance of selling your items. A catchy but concise headline will attract a potential buyer. Be sure to include important background information about the items and you may want to mention why you are selling the item.

Research and assess the value of your stuff. If you are uncertain of values, investigate how similar products are priced on a number of websites. Try to price your items to sell relatively quickly.

Be honest and transparent. It is futile to try and trick or mislead people. Respond as quickly as you can to inquiries about the items and maintain a friendly tone.

The top-rated websites for selling things: Amazon, eBay, and in the Middle East region Dubizzle.

Option 2 – Sell your stuff at a garage sale

Organising a moving sale can be a great option, the idea is to invite people from the neighborhood to come to your home and buy something from the things you have displayed in your garden/drive/ garage.

Weekends are considered the best days to hold a garage sale. It is likely families will want to attend.

Start the sale early in the morning (8 am) so that you can deal with the early birds and have the rest day for profitable deals. As with selling online, make sure items are clean and presentable.

Clever advertising is key for a successful garage sale, as well as reasonable pricing. But be aware, most people are likely to expect a discount on the price you display/first offer.

Keep the area safe for small children, try to make the area more appealing and attractive, and be ready to welcome a variety of people with a friendly smile.

how to dispose of your unwanted items
A garage sale is a great way of generating extra cash and clear the clutter

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Option 3 – Give away to friends and family

Selling items can bring in funds to put towards your international moving expenses but the feeling of passing on items to a close friend or family member can be very rewarding. It may be someone covets something you own and you could and up making his or her day whilst at the same time lightening your load… a real win-win situation.

Option 4 – Donating to charity

The fastest method of purging your home of unwanted items is to donate to a charity. You would be surprised at how many less fortunate people might benefit from your kindness.

It is easy to find local needy charities online who will all be very appreciative of your generosity. There is a feel good factor attached to charitable actions and again, removing significant volume can serious reduce your international moving charges.

how to dispose of your unwanted items

Your local charity shop is a great way to get rid of unneeded items with a good cause. 

Option 5 - Recycle

Your final option, if none of the above works out (or is inapplicable) is to throw the goods away. Recycling centers are now very common and will allow you to dispose of your items in a way, which is friendly to the environment.