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Wise Move help boost your sales revenues and profits by providing high-quality International Moving Leads for as little as $ 13.00 per lead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Leads

Commit to purchasing a minimum of 60 leads; and the more you commit to buying, the lower the price per lead.

Leads are sent to your email(s) of choice. Typically a sales coordinator who oversees the distribution of leads to surveyors/sales reps.

Once the customer opts for an international moving quotation, you will be emailed instantly with the details of the customer, complete with name, telephone number, email address and a short description of shipment and destination.

To enhance your chances of securing the move, make sure to provide the quotation, or set up a survey appointment, within 48 hours.

Rejection Policy

Leads failing to meet our quality standards will be reviewed and may be considered for a refund. If successful the lead credit will be reimbursed to the Movers account balance.

a. Moves which are less than 5 boxes (1.5 CBM)
b. Moving within 2 days, (unless the move can be accommodated by the mover)
c. Moving after 6 Months
d. Commercial shipment (Not considered used household goods and personal effects)
e. Bogus contact details / Spam
f. Repeated leads, (i.e. a lead received at least twice from us within the same month)
g. Local Moves

Rejected leads must be submitted to Wise Move within 48 hours of receipt, with a quick explanation/reason/proof for rejection.

Terms and Conditions

All plans require prepayment in full which can be made via Credit Card or PayPal. Once payment is received your Lead Credits are instantly added to your account.

You will receive a notification by email when your remaining Lead Credits reach 20 and then again at 10 with a checkout link provided.

A top-up payment is required before the Lead Credits balance reaches zero in order to continue receiving leads.

Our Pricing

Wise Move Online can help boost your sales revenues and profits by providing high quality International Moving Leads for as little as $ 13.00 per lead.


Per Lead
60 Lead Credits
Instant Leads
Free Local Move Leads
Free Inbound Leads


Per Lead
90 Lead Credits
Instant Leads
Free Local Move Leads
Free Inbound Leads


Per Lead
120 Lead Credits
Instant Leads
Free Local Move Leads
Free Inbound Leads

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