Are these 5 services included in your door to door quotation?

Are these 5 services included in your door to door quote?

1. Packing

For international moves, packing is obviously a fundamental service, which should be included by the mover. Generally, companies will offer wrapping paper, bubble wrap, professional moving cartons (new ie. unused), and large corrugated sheets and/or paper blankets. They may also offer polystyrene chips and other specialist protective materials.

In addition, correct labelling, numbering and an inventory of all boxes should be arranged by the packing day.

Over-sized / Heavy items – Items such as pianos, kids trampolines, safes etc. will incur additional handling/packing charges.

Piano moving services may also include re-tuning of the piano at the time of delivery.

2. Unpacking

In order to avoid confusion, it is important to define what “unpacking” includes. Most companies will unpack and position in appropriate rooms larger furniture items. However some may not unpack contents and the companies who do may only unpack to the surface level which means they will unpack kitchen items to your countertop until the surfaces are full and will then stop, leaving the rest for you to deal with. 

For many people this is sufficient, but you may require more of a comprehensive/personalised service, in which case, check the availability of this service and have any ancillary costs budgeted for.

It is also important to note that moving companies will only dispose of the boxes, wrapping paper and debris they unpack on the day of delivery. An additional trip to your home to collect debris will incur a charge.

Are these 5 services included in your door to door quote?

Clarify what “unpacking” means in order to ensure expectations are met at destination

3. Hoisting / External Elevator

In some cases, it may not be possible to route bulky/heavy items through hallways, staircases, elevators and doorways. If the only access point is via a window/balcony then hoisting or an external elevator could be the solution.

Discuss this issue early in the process so you can be certain, services and associated costs are identified from during the initial quoting stage of the move.

If you know you are moving to an apartment complex, with a relatively small lift, which results in many/most furniture items needing to be carried up multiple flights of stairs, then again charges will apply.

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4. Long carry fee / Shuttling

In many cases, it may not be possible to position the delivery vehicle outside your new residence. Most companies will apply long carry charges if the distance exceeds approximately 30 meters.

Similarly, if your goods have been transported by container and are being delivered directly from the container to your residence, if you live in the center of a city or in a remote rural location, ie. down a small country lane, there is a possibility the moving company will have to shuttle your items via a smaller vehicle which will involve several small trips from the point the container truck has parked.

Are these 5 services included in your door to door quote?

Long Carry charges often occurs should access to the front door is more than 30 meters away.

5. Re-assembly requiring a ‘handyman’

Most movers can offer basic re-assembly. Typically this would be attaching legs to a simple dining table or attaching a headboard to a bed. Anything more complex than this and certainly any new item or ‘IKEA’ type furniture will not be included and will require a specialist/handyman. The mover may be able to offer this or arrange a 3rd party, but an hourly/daily charge will apply.